Romero, Romero Wherefore Art Thou?

So much went on with Romero, Gonzales and the City Council this week we thought we would summarize it for you:

December 7th – El Paso Inc. publishes a story about how the City Council is losing confidence in City Manager Gonzales.  In it, Courtney Nilland said: “I think it has peaked, and we are left with a majority of council that have grave concerns,” she said. “Am I uncomfortable with Mr. Gonzalez at this particular time? Yes, yes.”  You can read the El Paso Inc. story here.

December 7th – In a special meeting the City Council heavily criticized City Manager Gonzales and voted to hire a third-party investigator, Austin attorney Ross Fischer.  You can read the KFOX story here.

December 8th – KFOX reports that the controversial speed humps that were installed on Stanton could be scrapped to allow for the new trolley car.  The speed humps cost YOU $9000.  “It’s a waste of money and somebody who really wants the money, those neighborhoods that have a lot of traffic, they could have used them,” said Kuzma.  You can read the KFOX story here.

December 9th – Both Mayor Leeser and City Manager Gonzales released statements about the meeting scheduled for this coming Monday and items that will be discussed in executive session.  You can read their statements here.

December 10th – Rep. Larry Romero held a Q&A session about the ethics complaint that was filed against him.  During the session he said that he welcomes the investigation and that “all he did was introduce the firm Estrada Hinojosa to the city manager because of reservations he had with First Southwest.”  “If I had to do some things over again, yeah I would I’d be more vocal,” said Romero. Read the KFOX story here or the KVIA story here. Read the KTSM story here.

December 10th – El Paso Times reports that “City Rep. Larry Romero arranged a meeting between El Paso Water Utilities officials and Estrada Hinojosa and Co. financial advisers in 2013 at about the same time he also was pushing for one with city officials.”  In the meeting he disclosed that he had worked with Hinojosa and Co. Read the El Paso Times story here.

So, a lot of talking this week but few answers.



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