The Best-Laid Plans

Today is the day that the Judge approves the plan for El Paso Children’s Hospital.  We now know who the new interim CEO will be, George P. Caralis, a consultant with Deloitte CRG , and that he will be paid $170,000 PER MONTH PLUS EXPENSES (read the KVIA story here).  As we do not have the contract, we do not know if this is capped amount or an estimate and that they will pay him based on his billing.  Will the County Commissioners be watching his billing and expenses with the same diligence that they have used on the current CEO or was all of that just their lawyers trying to wrack up billable hours and SPEND YOUR MONEY?

Also, we noticed that an updated plan has been filed with the court and the language baring Andy Krafsur from serving has been removed (read the plan here, document page 25).  Why aren’t the El Paso Times, Bob Moore and Veronica Escobar shouting it from the rooftops?  Why aren’t they proclaiming this a win for truth, justice and the American Way?  It would appear that the honeymoon is now over.



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