Ethically Bankrupt

Among other things, the formal ethical complaint filed against city Rep. Larry Romero and City Manager Tommy Gonzalez has brought to light that the committee tasked with policing the City Council is practically nonexistent.  “Its own Ethics Review Commission is short six members and therefore cannot have any meetings. The commission currently has just three members and needs five to have a quorum.”  Not only that, the last time the committee met, according to its web site, February of 2014.

Currently, if you file an ethics complaint the City Attorney will review the complaint to see if it merits review by the ethics committee and then NOTHING HAPPENS.  And who appoints members to the ethics committee?  The City Counsel members.  But It’s not their fault that they’ve lapsed in their duty to appoint people to the ethics committee, “the city attorney’s office failed to notify council members who needed to make an appointment.”  Besides, why would El Paso need an ethics committee, anyway?

You can read the KFOX article here.


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