Special Meetings & Formal Complaints

In a special meeting this Monday, the City Council will take up Mayor Leeser’s request to hire an independent firm to investigate the attempt to change the city’s financial adviser.  The El Paso Times is reporting that the Mayor placed this item on the agenda after reading the reports compiled by City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and Internal Auditor Edmundo Calderon (you can read their entire story here).  In the KVIA story they reported:  “The Internal Auditor reports to the City Manager but Leeser said he wants the auditor to report to his office for the report. Leeser said the city could hire an outside investigator too, but he first wants to see if answers can be found without spending tax dollars. “At the end of the day we look at it and if that’s not sufficient evidence, we will hire someone from the outside because it’s that important that we come forward but first thing we don’t want to do is spend taxpayer dollars if we can determine what happened.”(you can read their story here). Apparently the Mayor either didn’t like the information in the reports OR felt the reports were inadequate.

In other news, a formal ethics complaint has been filed by Jim Tolbert against City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and city Rep. Larry Romero.  The complaint states:  “Tommy Gonzalez and Representative Larry Romero acted in such a manner as to violate a number of provisions outlined in the Standards of Conduct (City of El Paso Municipal Code Standard of Conduct 2.92.050).  Their actions served to undermine the public’s trust and confidence.” You can read the entire complaint here and the El Paso Times story here. We wonder if this complaint will last longer than the recall effort.


One thought on “Special Meetings & Formal Complaints

  1. And, here we go again! Why, oh why, must we always hire an outside firm to investigate? Why not report any suspicion of illegality to the proper authorities? Why don’t we have a system in place to police our runaway elected thieves and miscreants?


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