A Tangled Web

The report about the bond issued for the Ball Park has been completed and released.  “The report states unidentified council members initially raised concerns about issuing the bonds so close to the election because of the “ongoing controversy surrounding the ballpark.””   “The City Manager removed the item from the April 30th agenda because of concerns raised by certain City Council members… According to the City Manager, several Council members raised concerns about the timing of these agenda times in relation to the upcoming general election, specifically beause (sic) of the ongoing controversy over the Ballpark,” the report states.(read the KVIA story here).  However, when asked Wilson couldn’t remember who those council members were. How is possible to know that ‘someone’ raised concerns without knowing who those someones are?  Obviously the report writer knew who the people were and elected not include their names – how does that POSSIBLY serve the public interest?

Everyone is upset at Romero because, among other things, he tried to change the City’s financial adviser  – as well we should be.  Fortunately, he was stopped before he could cost us any money. The $22 million that council members cost us is real, but the people who are responsible retain their anonymity and continue to be called ‘unidentified council members.” With the ultimate blame being pushed onto people who are no longer in office:  “According to the report, Wilson relayed the concerns of the council members to former Mayor John Cook and Mayor Pro Tem Ann Lilly, who gave Wilson the okay to delay the issuance. But both Cook and Lilly deny ever speaking with Wilson about delaying the issuance for the election.” Since no one is copping to the delay, EVERYONE should be kicked out for it.

The El Paso Times is so busy patting itself on the back because they ‘broke’ the story about Romero that they neglected to continue their job by getting to the bottom of the $22 million.

One thought on “A Tangled Web

  1. It looks like we aren’t the only ones raising questions about the money and the people involved in delaying the issuing of the bonds. Both Martin Paredes (http://elpasonews.org/2015/12/city-to-vote-on-outside-investigation-and-the-release-of-the-reports/) and Jamie Abeytia (http://thelionstarblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/whats-big-secret.html) are asking the same questions. Why hasn’t the ‘traditional’ news outlets done the same?


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