Time For A Review

In an El Paso Times article this week about Jim Valenti’s raise, they stated: “UMC officials on Monday refused to say whether Valenti will or has received a bonus in addition to his merit increase. County Commissioner David Stout said the UMC board has not yet completed Valenti’s incentive evaluation.”  If that is true, how did he get the raise and why hasn’t Jim Valenti gone screaming to the board and the County Commissioners?  Why hasn’t he threatened to sue for breach of contract?  According to Valenti’s contract “The annual review shall occur prior to November 15 of each year in order to establish the increase for the fiscal year.” (you can read his contract here).

So, comments about his evaluation not being completed are disingenuous and misleading. The fact is, UMC and the County Commissioners have already completed the review and approved the bonus, they’re just too scared to tell you.  They are going to wait until everyone is watching the El Paso Children’s Hospital and the plan confirmation next Tuesday and then bury the news in some article.  Shameful!


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