Postponing the Inevitable

The City Counsel is getting ready to start the second phase of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond Projects.  These projects include, among other things, three major projects: the multipurpose arena, the children’s museum and the Hispanic cultural center.  The Counsel was supposed to vote on Tuesday but the vote was postponed until this coming Monday:  “We are talking about $300-plus million dollars and it’s important to look at that and make sure everything is included in there as we look at what the impact will be on taxpayers,” said Mayor Oscar Leeser, who proposed postponing the item.  “I want to be able to study and look at the financials and then ask questions … It’s very important that we don’t act on emotion, but act on knowledge that we do have.”  It’s a good idea to review these projects for completeness and accuracy.  However, in doing their reflecting, maybe they can also reflect on when the BEST time would be to issue these bonds.  The Tax Payers have already had to pay extra for delays in bond issuance, we have no desire to do it a second time.

You can read the El Paso Times story here.

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