One For The Road

Realizing that they were missing out on millions of past-due reimbursements from TxDOT, the city has hired an outside consulting firm.  According to the report on the Capital Improvement Department that was completed in October of this year, the department didn’t have a process in place for handling these projects which resulted in El Paso missing out on “out on nearly $40 million of accelerated funding for transportation projects through the Metropolitan Planning Organization since May 2014”.  The report also recommended hiring outside consultants to help manage the projects and put processes into place.  The consulting company will be paid $320,000 to get $10.7 million in past-due reimbursements.  According to the El Paso Times article, the consulting company “will establish a process so that paperwork is filed in the correct manner to ensure that the city gets reimbursed for seven projects.”  We hope that these are processes that can be successfully followed for future projects and not just a one-time-deal.  Getting a fish is great, but the Capital Improvement Department really needs to learn how to fish for itself.


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