More Money Than You

Here we go!  The UMC Board has given Jim Valenti his annual raise:  “University Medical Center of El Paso CEO Jim Valenti received a raise of nearly $10,000 after the hospital’s board of managers approved his annual evaluation on Monday.” This will bring his base salary to  $470,203.  According to the El Paso Times, Jim Valenti’s highest scores were in “stewardship, which relates to financial operations, with an average score of 3.77. That section accounted for 35 percent of his evaluation score, according to the evaluation documents.”  You can read the entire article from the El Paso Times here.  As a Tax Payer and the ones who are actually paying Jim Valenti’s raise, do you think he has been a good steward?

Stay tuned – if he received his raise this week, not much longer before he receives his bonus!

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