General Updates

Just a few general updates regarding the UMC/EPCH Plan:

  1.  Only minor objections have been lodged with the court by today’s deadline regarding the EPCH and UMC plan:  “Among the four objections that had been filed Monday, two were from doctors saying the proposed settlement would underpay them by a total of $10,000. Two insurance companies argued that the settlement unfairly changes the terms of their contracts with Children’s and one said it would underpay the insurer by $21,000.”  Read the entire article here.
  2. UMC has named its 4 board members for the new EPCH board.  Just as a reminder, UMC names 4 members, the Physicians at EPCH name a board member and the 2 remaining board members each will serve for 90 days and then name a replacement.  The board members named by UMC are:  “Ronald Acton, for a one-year term; Ted Houghton, for a two-year term; Patrick Gordon, for a three-year term and Miguel Fernandez, for a five-year term.”  Read the article here  Still no word on who the Physicians have nominated.
  3. Confirmation hearing for the plan is next Tuesday, December 8th in El Paso

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