Open and Above Board

Is anyone else concerned that the UMC board will be appointing members to the new Children’s Board? The UMC board isn’t following its own by-laws or being responsible with our money, how do we know that they won’t do the same thing over at Children’s? Case in point: Mr. William Hanson – Chair & Ms. Laura Ponce -Vice Chair ” made it clear that neither of you respects Commissioners Court” according to the letter sent by Veronica Escobar asking for their resignation (…/20141205_115040_Letter%2…). However, Board Member Miguel Fernandez was arrested for a DWI just last month and NO ONE has said anything about it (…/umc-board-member-arr…/72431186/). Isn’t this in flagrant violation of the UMC bylaws? Specifically section 4.3 “Absolute disqualifiers shall include the following: 4.3.4 conviction for a crime of moral turpitude or official misconduct” and in section 6.5.2 “A Board member shall resign should any of the disqualifiers listed in Section 4.3 arise after appointment of the Member but during the Member’s term or if the Member violates Section 3.1.2 3 of these Bylaws.” (…). So, if you disrespect the Commissioners Court, Judge Escobar will ask you to step down. Violate the by-laws and nothing happens to you.

Note: This was originally published on our Facebook page on 10/16/15.


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