Resigned to His Fate?

Larry Romero is having a hard time of it.  He’s paved streets and put in speed bumps that were not approved.  He’s had a brief (24 hour) recall. Then, this past Sunday, The El Paso Times accused him of “lobbying for a former business partner, without disclosing the relationship” and then asked for his resignation (  The Times is claiming that he tried to change the financial adviser from First Southwest of Dallas to Estrada Hinojosa and Co., a firm Romero has ties to. Maybe he had the tax payer’s best interests at heart, but the way he went about doing it and his lack of denial in his response to the El Paso Times article would hint otherwise:

“It’s unfortunate that the El Paso Times has jumped into the political campaigning business,” Romero said in an email to KVIA. “El Paso deserves better. Voters know that I take my job seriously and my commitment is to them and my district,” Romero stated. “I look forward to having this conversation with the community. The Times has crossed the line. Enough is enough. Thank you.” (read the article here).

Now, The El Paso Times are not the only ones asking for his resignation.  In an open letter published here, Jim Tolbert lists out Romero’s many sins and ALSO calls for his resignation. Is Romero playing fast and loose with his power and tax payer funds?  Only time will tell.

You can view the KVIA report here.


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