Let the Service Begin!

Although there is a joint plan being filed by UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital, it would appear that the wrangling over services continues. Children’s has entered a motion to outsource their payroll and HR services to ADP(you can read it here: http://elpasochildrens.org/…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-296.pdf). In the filing they estimate that they would save themselves $50,000 annually. Instead of paying UMC $125,000 annually for the services they would pay ADP approximately $75,000. UMC is fighting this (read the motion here: http://elpasochildrens.org/…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-346.pdf). This leads us to ask several questions:
1. Why was UMC charging Children’s so much for these services to begin with?
2. If UMC and the County Commissioners are committed to reducing overhead costs for the Children’s Hospital, why would they be fighting this motion?

Note:  This was published on our Facebook account on 10/15/15.


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