Goodbye To The Chief

In case you haven’t heard, Steve Norwood, El Paso County Chief Administrator, was fired earlier this week (see El Paso Times Story here). “It did not work out. He was fired for cause, he was terminated for cause,” County Judge Veronica Escobar said after the meeting. What we do know is that in September of 2014, the commissioners’ court voted to contract Colin Baenziger & Associates at $23,000 to conduct a search for the county’s new administrator. While $23,000 is not that much compared to the MILLIONS of tax payer dollars the County Commissioners continue to spend, it is still a lot of money to the rest of us. So, since Steve didn’t work out, are we going to pay another $23,000 to find a new administrator??

Update: For those of you who are interested in the details of his termination, you can find more information and the view the open records request submitted by Martin Paredes here.

Note:  This was published on our Facebook page on 10/7/15


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