Now You Don’t

Note:  This was originally posted on our Facebook page on 10/17/15 before we had started the blog.

Um, what just happened? Did TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars just disappear into the ether? For months Veronica Escobar has been tirelessly working on behalf of the tax payers, at least that is what she has told us. In March, when there was an agreement to write off $40 million dollars, Escobar called those “Soft Costs”: “Those soft costs, she said, consist mostly of the rent UMC charged for the four floors Children’s occupies in the 10-story addition to UMC, and the 5 percent in administrative fees that UMC charged above costs for services provided to Children’s.” (…/article_f939286a-cbec-11e4-b049-…). When that deal fell through, suddenly it was the tax payers getting screwed (see the tweet below). Now there is a deal again, “She said that wasn’t money UMC lost, but rent money UMC didn’t collect. The other 50 percent was money taken from UMC’s budget.” (…/el-paso-childrens-hospital-t…/35865096). So, if the money was ‘soft’ or wasn’t money that was ‘lost’, why did UMC and County Commissioners just spend so much money on lawyers and court motions? If it was all ‘funny’ money, why spend real money trying to get it? Veronica is now going to try and paint herself as a hero, look what she did! EXACTLY, take a VERY close look at what she did.


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