Delicate Conversations

Note:  This article was originally published on our Facebook page on 10/8/15

In the latest article from KVIA: “Escobar said the priority right now is to execute a smooth transition and rebuild trust. She said at some point, UMC would have to have “delicate conversations” with Children’s leadership and staff about possibly renegotiating costs and further cutting costs.” (…/umc-childrens-officials-say-…/35714540) Of course those conversations are going to be “delicate”. If you’ve read Nunez’s deposition, you can see how crazy some of those service contracts are. Starting on page 140 of his deposition(…/55e47eaf16721…), he talks about how the Children’s Hospital is not separately metered, so all bills for water, utilities and gas go directly to UMC and then UMC decides how much of that bill is passed along. So, how are they going to ‘delicately’ renegotiate some of these contracts when they have no idea how much of these services the Children’s Hospital was using and no way of determining that going forward?


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