Financial Trickery?

Remember just last month when Veronica Escobar said:  “Things have stabilized, but it delayed the rollout of the three new clinics by about nine months,” she said after Friday’s groundbreaking for a new Eastside clinic. “What happened was UMC didn’t have the money to recruit physicians and staff.”  ( This week UMC reported to the County Commissioners Court that, financially, they are having a FANTASTIC year!  “Initially, UMC had projected a loss of $16 million, but it will end the year with an $800,000 surplus, the officials said. UMC officials also said cash reserves doubled from what was originally budgeted — from $30 million to $60 million.” ( How exactly is that possible when, according to both UMC and the County Commissioners Court, the El Paso Children’s Hospital has been leeching services and costing the tax payers money?  How is it that UMC did not have the money to recruit physicians for the new clinics and blamed the Children’s Hospital and now it has a surplus? If the $109 million that UMC claimed EPCH owed them was real money, wouldn’t that have a direct impact on UMC’s bottom line? All of those who are confused, raise your hands.


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