Value Added

According to documents released by Martin Paredes, Jim Valenti gets AT LEAST $2 Million in deferred compensation when his contract ends next year (you can read his blog post here).   From reading the contract, it also appears that he will be compensated for 36 months of base salary, IN ADDITION to the deferred compensation (that’s approx an additional $1.4 million). What a fantastic deal!  Larry Duncan, when he left El Paso Children’s Hospital, only received “more than $250,000” (  So, in addition to the bonus that he is going to get in the next few weeks, he is also going to walk away with MILLIONS of dollars.  Of course, there is nothing any of us can do about it, the UMC board signed the contract and is now obligated to pay.  This is just another instance of our money being spent without our knowledge or permission.


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