Bonus Points

It’s time for the bonus round!  Remember last year when Jim Valenti got a bonus and the press screamed, the public screamed and the County Commissioners screamed and nothing came of it?  Well, it’s that time of year again! The UMC board is meeting tomorrow to, among other things, ” Discuss and deliberate regarding the Annual Evaluation of  Mr. Jamcs N. Valenti, President and CEO, pursuant to Texas Government Code $55 1.074. (  Thanks to documents released to Martin Paredes  through an open records request, we were able to read Jim Valenti’s contract with UMC. (You can find the documents here:  Jim Valenti’s “incentive pay program provides for additional pay in an amount not to exceed thirty (30%) percent of Base Salary, contingent upon attainment of the performance goals” (pg 16).  These performance goals are set by the UMC board and the President and CEO of UMC (For those of you who are interested, here is Valenti’s performance evaluation from last year:  The performance review will also help the UMC Board decide what, if any, raise the President and CEO should get.  According to the contract, the annual review “shall occur prior to November 15th of each year”.  We wonder what kind of bonus Jim Valenti will get this year.  Since quality of Care and Services only had a 10% weight in the overall score last year, we don’t anticipate that the fact that UMC almost lost its accreditation this past summer ( will really drag his bonus down too low.  What’s 30% of $480,000?


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