Additional Rent

We know that UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital have come to an agreement on the rent.  Now, instead of paying the exorbitant amount of $860,000 a month, EPCH must pay the slightly less exorbitant amount of $500,000 per month with none of this money going back to tax payers. Presumably, this rent is to cover depreciation:  “You have to pay for the maintenance and upkeep and depreciation. So the rent is really to provide for that. Otherwise you wake up 10, 15, 20 years down the road and you have a dilapidated building and dilapidated equipment and no money to replace it,” said DeGroat. (  If that is the case, why did the original lease include a section called “Additional Rent” which was to cover utilities as well as “Maintenance, repair and replacement of all portions of the building”  (see screenshot at the top of this article)?  Will this concept of “Additional Rent” be removed from the new lease agreement between UMC and EPCH?  This looks as if EPCH was (will be?) paying for the same thing twice.

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