Services for All!

From the court case we know that UMC was providing services to the El Paso Children’s Hospital in the following areas (from the Master Services Agreement between EPCH and UMC):
1. Finance & Accounting Services
2. IT & Communications
3. Human Resources
4. Ancillary Support (Laundry, Dietary, etc)
5. Nursing Support
6. Medical Staff Support

So far we have heard that Children’s could save themselves $50,000 if they outsource HR and Payroll to ADP (…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-346.pdf). We have also heard about the IT costs that Children’s was paying to UMC (…/what-happened-to-women-and-childr…/) and how the building is not separately metered (…/55e47eaf16721… page 140). We even found the screen shot below when going through court documents where the UMC lawyer was encouraging El Paso Children’s to explore other avenues for getting services. Now that El Paso Children’s and UMC have reached a deal and have a joint plan, our hope is that both sides would adhere to the agreement that they signed where they committed that ‘neither party would profit from the other’. If UMC continues to charge exorbitant amounts for services in an effort to shuffle money from El Paso Children’s Hospital over to UMC, it benefits no one, especially not the tax payers.

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