Just Lien Into It

In 2014 UMC placed a lien on El Paso Children’s Hospital.  “Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) documents obtained by the ABC-7 I-Team show property, equipment, accounts and contracts are among the collateral for the lien.” (http://m.kvia.com/news/UMC-places-lien-on-Children-s-Hospital-another-party-could-end-up-running-Children-s-Hospital/30045096).

How much of the El Paso Children’s Hospital does the El Paso Children’s Hospital actually own?  They don’t own the building or the land. They don’t own the equipment, phones and computers.  They don’t own the service contracts with vendors. And now we have found out that they don’t really own the patient data.  From Schedule B of the Services Agreement between UMC and EPCH we find this section on Data Ownership:

4.3 Expenses. EPCH understands that there will be costs associated with extraction and reformatting of the data and that UMC may require third-party assistance in the extraction/removal of such data from UMC’s databases.  In this event, UMC and EPCH will jointly select a third-party vendor.  EPCH agrees to reimburse UMC for any and all reasonable costs associated with separation/extraction of data.

If you have to pay someone else to actually extract your data, then the data doesn’t really belong to you.  Also, keep in mind that these in expenses would be in ADDITION to the money El Paso Children’s is already paying for the 24.3 IT employees. In 2007 El Paso voted to build a free Standing Children’s Hospital and put up the money for one. But, what exactly have we gotten for our money?  There is a building but it would appear that EVERYTHING inside that building is owned or controlled by UMC is some way, shape or form.  So, when UMC put a lien on the Children’s Hospital to ‘secure their claim’, what exactly was the lien against?

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