El Paso Children’s Board

In Veronica Escobar’s State of the County address yesterday she said, speaking about the El Paso Children’s Hospital board “she could not emphasize enough the need for strong, experienced, respected members of the community to step up. She added El Paso needs good leaders now more than ever.” (Watch the entire speech here: http://www.kvia.com/…/2015-el-paso-state-of-the-co…/36100852). We agree, it’s time to make a difference. If you have the desire, the time or the skills, please consider applying to El Paso Children’s Board by

Clicking here for the EPCH board application from EPCH:  http://elpasochildrens.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/EPCH-Board-Application.pdf


Clicking here for the EPCH board application from UMC:  http://www.umcelpaso.org/webshell/umcep.nsf/01a12c2dcd68bad0872566bf0057f2b1/e769063753ca35398725792100785e9f/$FILE/Board%20Application.pdf

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