UMC And El Paso County Commissioners Double Dipping

Remember the bond that was passed by tax payers in 2007? We’ve included a screenshot of how the money was to be allocated. In the past few months we have learned some startling things about the bond money and the service contracts between UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital. First, there was the rent, which we have covered in great detail. Then there was “Effective February 14, 2012 the Hospital entered into an agreement with UMC in the amount of $6,332,603 to repay a portion of funds expended by UMC for development of the hospital. The loan was paid in full during 2013.”(…/06/2012-EPCH-990-Tax-Return.pdf pg 62). Now we are hearing about the IT contracts between UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital and, once again UMC was charging EPCH for the bond ! “Of the $7.2 million nearly $2.6 million was to pay the county hospital for the information technology portion of the bonds that the taxpayers are already paying for.” (…/what-happened-to-women-and-childr…/). So, in addition to taking our money to pay off the bond, we now have multiple examples of where UMC was taking money from the Children’s Hospital to ALSO pay the bond. How many times is UMC getting paid for the bond money compared to the zero times that they’ve paid the tax payers back? No wonder County Commissioners and UMC were so anxious to get the “keys” to El Paso Children’s Hospital, look at the amount of money that was being siphoned off in the name of the bond but wasn’t being paid back to taxpayers. Too bad for them the El Paso Children’s Hospital declared bankruptcy and exposed all of their dirty little secrets.

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