El Paso County Commissioners Wasting Tax Payer Money?

“It is very sad that taxpayers may have to pay again the bill, instead of that one time when Children’s Hospital was formed. It is sad for me that they (the El Paso Children’s Hospital Board of Directors) are risking the future of Children’s Hospital and keep putting the weight on the taxpayers and UMC.” Commissioner Stout May 2015 talking about EPCH declaring bankruptcy.

How many times since EPCH declared bankruptcy have the County Commissioners told us that the El Paso Children’s Hospital is wasting our money? How many times have they railed against the lawyers and consultants that are representing the Children’s Hospital as just dragging the process out so that they can line their own pockets? If the County Commissioners are so concerned about wasting time and money, why did they file an objection with the court regarding payment for services provided by Mark Herbers, acting CEO of EPCH? The amount that Mark Herbers can charge is capped by the court, “The Court-approved Engagement Letter provides for APS to be compensated by a flat monthly rate of $180,000 in professional fees, which was determined based upon the anticipated scope of services to be provided on a monthly basis.” (http://elpasochildrens.org/…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-373.pdf). How many tax payer dollars are being spent to pursue this motion? One would hope that the TAX PAYER DOLLARS to be saved would VASTLY exceed the TAX PAYER DOLLARS that are being spent on lawyer fees. Are they spending $1000 to potentially save $1? Just to be clear, the motion clearly states that this is from the County Commissioners and NOT UMC.
For those interested, you can read the motion from the County Commissioners here: http://elpasochildrens.org/…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-446.pdf
And the El Paso Children’s Hospital motion here: http://elpasochildrens.org/…/uploa…/2015/08/Document-444.pdf